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At your fingertips you have over 1000 Bible study pages thoroughly indexed. Our motto is, “Simply Bible, Simply Christian”. We invite you to browse the suggestions below, or use the above tabs and search slot to find the Bible lessons you want.

The Three Firsts of Jesus

A simple but very profound and essential lesson about Jesus, from Colossians 1:18

arrow Seven PowersBible lesson on seven powers to which all human beings may gain access. Those who have these powers are often poor and lowly, downtrodden by the world. These powers however are eternal, and promise unimaginable glory in heaven.

Paul’s Six Steps to Salvation
God's Plan

A lesson from Romans. What Paul says a person must do to be saved.

arrowUmbrella ReligionUmbrellas have obvious shortcomings. There are similar shortcomings in many people's religion.

The Love of God

God’s love is universal - anyone can find it. God’s love is conditional - all must keep it. God’s love is unchangeable - everyone can trust it.

heaven The Heavenly Eden(Rev 22:1-2)  At the beginning of the Bible we are told about the Garden of Eden. At the end of the Bible we find its counterpart, the heavenly Eden. This new Eden is the final vision that John saw in the book of Revelation.

booksSTUDIES IN BIBLE BOOKS —List of studies of particular Bible books. There is a synopsis of each series.

JesusJESUS CHRIST —Index of lessons about Christ’s glory and power. Lessons also cover his sacrifice on the cross; parables that he told, and his sermon on the mount, his fulfillment of prophecy, his covenant and priesthood, and how he can completely change your heart and life.

Holy SpiritTHE HOLY SPIRIT —Index of lessons that teach you about the Holy Spirit, his work of revelation, his special miraculous gifts, his indwelling of Christians, and his divinity.

Last DaysTHE LAST DAYS —This index guides you to a study of “The Last Days” —includes Premillennialism, Preterism, the second coming, prophecy, and God’s kingdom. 

Be a Donkey
If we call someone a donkey, we probably don't mean it as a compliment. But the Bible encourages us to be donkeys in a most surprising sense.

arrow Unlimited ForgivenessWould God would ever refuse to forgive one who repents and comes to him through Christ? Many people are troubled by the fact that they must keeping asking God for forgiveness.

The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength

“The Lord’s strength and joy are in his place” (1Chron 16:27). How do we give joy to the Lord, and how does this make us strong?

arrow I Will Build My Church Jesus told Peter, “I will build my church” (Mtt 16:18). He did exactly that.
Each and every word in the statement I will build my church marks something of very great importance.

God’s Response to Prayers

Examines how God responds to the prayers of his people in 3 ways: intercession, providence, and good pleasure.

arrow Sentence PrayerI am going to tell you a secret that will help you to pray and thus hold on to your faith and the love of God.

PlanGOD’S PLAN OF SALVATION —List of lessons about “Salvation” and “Justification”. Topics include the promise and seal of salvation, sin, and the great questions of who can be saved and what one must do to be saved.

LightLIGHT AND INSIGHT —A directory to dozens of lessons on clustered around the idea of “spiritual light and insight”

GlossaryMAN AND WOMAN —A series of lessons. Includes teaching on what God says about marriage, divorce, adultery, celibacy, beauty, the weaker vessel, etc.

GlossaryGLOSSARY (WORD STUDIES) —A list of pages dealing with unfamiliar or technical words used in the Bible linked to explanations, definitions, and word studies providing a scripture chain.

Events of the Last Day
One last day for this world. We don't know when, but we do know of seven main events of that day.

arrow The Three Words of IsaiahIsaiah speaks three times in response to the things he sees and hears in his vision of God.
His words express the innermost and deepest feelings of every dedicated child of God.

Man of Sorrows

Perhaps the chief chapter of Isaiah is 53, the prophecy of the suffering Servant.

arrow Filthy RagsThe statement, “All our righteousness is like filthy rags” (Isa 64:4-9) has caused a deep struggle in many hearts.

Does it mean our righteousness has no value in God's eyes?

No, it doesn't.


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